Wee Hoose - Scottish Croft
Wee Hoose - Scottish Croft

Wee Hoose - Scottish Croft

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The Wee Hoose - Scottish Croft

My favourite house styles are the traditional Scottish houses, or wee (little) hoose (house). It made sense to make the first Wee Hoose style, the Scottish Croft. 

Each one is totally handmade. Many components have to be carefully put together and dried slowly before they go through the numerous processes to get to the end results that we love here at Marley&Lockyer. 

Made with either our oatmeal or warm white stoneware, and finished in our organic milk glaze, no two are the same. 
Each one comes numbered, as they are made in small batches. Your Wee Hoose will also come with a certificate, signed and numbered by Ness. 

We love putting fairy lights inside ours to make the windows glow when on the mantel, shelf or coffee table. Flameless tea lights are a great option as well as incense cones. The incense smoke will come out of the chimney- like a real wee hoose! 

Size - 16cm across x 16cm high x 13cm wide approximately